Oildata Specializes in Rigless, thru-tubing Reservoir Monitoring
and Maintenance applications and related Petrophysical Engineering Services.

Some of there services are:

Service Performance:
  • Shell-Nigeria (East Division) - 13 well re-perforation
    campaign yielded up to 40% production increasing oil
    production (Cost < $30,000 per well)
  • Chevron-Nigeria (Benin River) - Rigless Workover on
    dead well yielded 1000 B.O.P.D.
  • Chevron-Nigeria (Offshore) - Rigless Workover  yielded
    over 30,000 B.O.P.D.  on a watered-out well.
  • Texaco Nigeria (Offshore) - Coil Tubing deployed Memory
    Logging Tool identified source of problems in horizontal wells.
  • Texaco Nigeria (Offshore) - Rigless Water-Shutoff and
    perforations on dead gravel packed well yielded about
    6,000 B.O.P.D.
  • Over 100 successful Workovers since 1995.
  • Shell-Nigeria (East Division) - Over 30 Tubing Conveyed
    Perforating runs.
  • Shell-Nigeria (East Division) - Determination of Tubing
    Integrity on existing wells using the Multi-Finger Imager
  • Chevron Nigeria - 19 comprehensive petrophysical data
    project completed in record time.
  • Mobil Nigeria - Coil Tubing horizontal well pipe recovery
    performed on 2 wells.
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